Hold down the left mouse button and move left/right to drag.
Hold down the left mouse button and SHIFT to zoom in (image is very zoomed out, so do this first)
Hold down the left mouse button and CTRL to zoom out
Hover over text/boxes for more information
Scale is logarithmic
Help make this better, source code: https://github.com/barrycarter/bcapps/blob/master/HTML5/bc-speedsvg.pl
1 ym/s 1 am/s 1 zm/s 1 fm/s 1 pm/s slowest tree Mountains saguro cactus continental drift coral 1 nm/s toenails fingernails continental drift Hair growth redwood tree 1 um/s fastest tree 1 mm/s sloth snail strolling 1 |m/s walking record marathon run Deimos escape velocity 15mph record mile run record 100m sprint 25mph swallow 35mph 55mph 65mph cheetah Hurricane-1 80mph Hurricane-2 Hurricane-3 120mph Hurricane-4 Hurricane-5 falcon golf club swing wind gust airplane bullet kids sound Earth rotation 1 km/s sound Pluto revolution Earth escape velocity sound Earth revolution Mercury revolution Barnard's star approach Sun revolution solar flares Solar escape velocity 1 Mm/s electron solar flares fiber optic cable light 1g acceleration, 1 year 1g acceleration, 12 years light 1 Gm/s 1 Tm/s 1 Pm/s 1 Em/s 1 Zm/s 1 Ym/s